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VevazzTM Bed - Revolutionary!No other device in the market offers such a short treatment time per surface area and no staff required! This self-service station is ideal for lean Practices, Fitness, Wellness and other Centers.

VevazzTM Bed is a LED light device designed to help people lose inches of fat and FDA Approved . Unlike most body contouring devices, VevazzTM Bed uses LED light instead of laser. LED light produces the same results as laser, only safer.

Laser light is coherent and penetrates deeper into the body, however this is not needed for body contouring because fat deposits are subcutaneous. LED light is non-coherent and has the right amount of strength to reach the fat cells and open them naturally, the same way that diet and exercise would.

VevazzTM Bed is safe, painless, and co is safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for fat loss, spot reduction and aesthetic body contouring. Other treatments are Cellulite Reduction, Scar Treatment, Wrinkle Reduction, Skin Tightening, Neuropathy, Pain and Inflammation. Vevazz's LED light works in only 20 minutes per session.

Groundbreaking! This device is self-service and includes wireless technology. Customers check-in with a swipe card and the information is sent wireless to your computer system, where you can track usage and grant access to the Bed or not depending on the customer's credit or payment plan.

Slim Line System Options

1. Plus - Comprehensive Turn Key System designed to double your investment in 6 months.
2. Pro - Comprehensive Turn Key System including guarantees, additional support and equipment.
3. Platinum - State of the art Turn Key System including Neuropathy Treatment.


Red light benefits and the Vevazz Bed difference:

"What has red light has been shown to help with?"

  • Reversal of sun or UV damage to skin
  • Wound healing
  • Increased blood flow/circulation
  • Reduced pain and/or inflammation
  • Treatment of acne
  • Reduction of appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation spots, stretch marks and/or scarring.
  • Skin rejuvenation, restoration, oxygenation and/or hydration, Collagen/Elastin production/reorganization of skin structure, elasticity and/or metabolism.

What is the difference between Vevazz bed and other red light beds?

  • Other beds will not do ANYTHING for fat loss
  • Red light beds help ATP, collagen, feeling better, fine lines, etc.
  • But to get fat loss, you have to stay in one of those beds between 1-4 hours.
  • NO companies are making bulbs with the high power my bulbs make.
  • Vevazz has 5-10 times the power of any other bed I know about on the market.
  • The higher power of the vevazz bed will more quickly improve ATP, Collagen..etc.
  • One treatment in Vevazz bed is (at least) 5 treatments in one of the red light beds, to get the same results! Because the Vevazz has (at least) 5 times the power.
  • Development of my bulb took 2 years! I finally have a patented bulb that will work in 20 minutes.
  • The research on how the bed works is my own, and I guarantee it works. If not, send it back for a full refund (like all the machines I sell).

Will I get the same results as with other Vevazz machines?

  • yes, the bed will get the same results as my other machines just all over the body.
  • Just cover up any area that someone doesn't want to lose in with thick clothing that doesn't let light through.

Why Vevazz bulbs over LED Bulbs?

  • I tried LED's for years, and the problem is the inverse square law of power from LED's. 1 inch a way - 1/2 the power, 2 inches away - 1/8 the power, 3 inches away - 1/32 the power
  • So I actually designed and patented the bulbs used in this bed. (It took 2 years)!
  • Every other red light bulb/bed on the market literally has 1/5th -1/10th the power of my bed.
  • So it would take a few hours in the bed to get the same result as 20 minutes in mine.

Where are they manufactured?

  • I manufacture them here in the USA like all the machines I sell.

How do I know if this is a good choice for me?

  • The best video to watch is my hour + webinar training -click here now
  • It will potentially save you from making a $50,000 mistake
  • It will show you if the Weight Loss business is really for you.
  • It will show you if Vevazz is a good fit for you or not.
  • Considering the money you are thinking of spending, watching this video it a great investment.

Why I should buy from Vevazz:

  • I offer 60 day money back guarantee on everything I sell. So if you decide to go with me, and don't like something, send it back for a full refund.
  • I have been selling this type of equipment longer than any other person currently selling the same thing in the US.
  • No one provides support to their clients on the back end like I do. I don't just sell something and wish you luck.
  • In fact, I guarantee (or your money back) to double your investment in 6 months or less. In writing, NO fine print. Attached is my guarantee.
  • If you have other equipment, depending on what you have, I might be able to offer you a credit for a trade in.
  • I have sold to the initial customers of every one of my competitors on the market, and have testimonials from those customers that they like my machine (or my machine and marketing) better without exception!

Would you like to watch that webinar training now?

Vevazz Bed or Vevazz Paddle:

Should I buy the bed or the paddle machine?
I recommend both, not one or the other.
The question is; which one do you start with?
Things to consider:

  • If you have more space and more time than you have staff - start with bed. The bed takes NO STAFF time, but takes 20 minutes and cannot really spot reduce well.
  • If you you have less space and less time, but staff who can help - get the paddle machine. the paddles are quicker, require staff time, but can spot reduce.
  • If you see more sports people who are healthy, the paddle machine is better, as the paddle machine can spot reduce, while the bed cannot.
  • if you see more obese people, the bed is better for overall reductions.
  • With the the paddles, you can just do 3 x 7 min - and cover most all the areas bed would if you really want. but you cannot do LESS with the bed.
  • The bed is a little more expensive ($8k) (because it costs me more to manufacture).
  • Plus paddle machine is $6k down.
  • The bed requires electrician to wire 240 volt (some offices cannot get this)
  • The paddle machine is only a 120 normal plug.
  • I don't have anyone using both the bed and the paddles as of now.


What about the Marketing system?

  • My complete marketing and turn key business systems are $10k (with or without equipment purchase). It's available for $2k down - and 8 payments of $1,000.
    • 1. With $2k down, I show you how I sold $28,860 worth of packages before I even had a machine in my friend's office.
    • 2. Over 100 offices have done the same thing.
    • 3. Many getting $5k to $15k as the norm.
    • 4. My record holder did $102,000 in 3 weeks.
  • Total cost with the bed would be $32,500. Soon, the price is going up for the beds.
  • The marketing package includes my 2 day training for free. The next one is located here on the training section of our website Click Here for seminars
  • The webinar tells what is covered in the 2 day training.
  • Unlimited attendees to my training seminar.
  • I personally think there is not going to be saturation for 2-5 more years. a few years ago, you just told people about it and you were busy - now you actually have to do some marketing - in 2-5 years, it won't be so saturated you cannot do it, it will be like most other businesses (You just have to market and be better than competition).
  • I give you a comparison report that compares Vevazz to all the others.
    • 1. You can give the report to people so they know why you are different/better.
    • 2. People will come to you and pay more to come to you because of it.

How does the marketing system help me?
Even though I am already doing well with lipo laser?
check out this webinar
entirely about my business and marketing systems and how they can help you:

  • I did $100k first 6 months I was open
  • I did $200k the next 6 months
  • I was working only a few hours a week.

How did I double my money the 2nd 6 months?

  • I did everything a little better.
  • if you go from a 75% close rate with consult - to 80%
  • if you go from an 80% ROI on your advertising to 85%
  • if you go from a 90% calls come in for consult to 95%
  • if you go from a 50% referrals to 55% referrals
  • if you go from a 60% continuity programs on back end to 65% who sign up
  • if you go from 15% of Groupon upsells to 20%
  • If you go from 40% of Groupon people giving referrals to 45%
  • If you do just a little better spending the same time and money (only 5% per area), you end up almost doubling your income doing the same things and spending the same money.
  • That is what I teach in my 10k marketing system that comes with the bed at $32,500

What is my investment in ongoing marketing?

  • You have to spend 20% of what you want to make (est. $12k over 6 months).

Payment Information and Options:

What payment options do I have?

  • In house financing is $8k down for the bed.
  • Payment in Full gives you a 10% discount.
  • Outside financing is 5% discount.

What about in house financing?

  • Early pay off is encouraged by a pre-payment discount.
  • Insurance is up to you.
  • You can do 6 months and pay longer if needed.
  • It can be used as start up, you just have to plan money to spend on marketing from the beginning - established practices can make $5k or $10k from existing patients, so they don't need more money for that.
  • You can get the bed with the system of your choice

What are my payments?

  • Payments depend on:
    What system (pro or platinum).
    What payment option you want (6, 12 or 18 months).

For example:
Pro system with bed right now is $42,500
Payments would be $8k down.
Estimates would be:

  • $5250 a month for 6 months
  • $3250 a month for 12 months
  • $2250 a month for 18 months.

Bulbs, electrical requirements, maintenance and safety:

What is the life span of a new bulb?

  • 1,000 hours before replacement.

What is the replacement cost of the bulbs?

After about 1000 hours do all of the bulbs in the bed need replacing or simply when they go out?

  • After 1,000 hours of use

How many bulbs are in one bed?

  • Current model has 18

What are the electrical needs?

  • It needs a 240v.
  • 3 wire system
  • Specific specs of electrical
    • 1. Voltage needs to be 236-248 volts if its not you can install a buck booster (for about $250) it can reduce or increase voltage with them.
    • 2. Bed wattage is approximately 3200 watts to be safe so 3200 / VOLTS = amps so 3200 / 240 volts = 13.3~ amps

If the bed needs maintenance, who can I find that would know how to repair it?

  • Maintenance is not usually required except to replace the bulbs every $250,000 that you make. An estimated cost is $5,000.
  • Anyone who works on tanning beds would probably be able to provide repair services. It has larger internal components, as it uses 3 times the power of tanning beds, but they are still similar components.

How much weight does it hold and how do you clean it?

  • The bed can hold up to a 350 lb person.
  • It has plexi glass just like a tanning bed. You sanitize the same as a tanning bed. Spray down and wipe off.

Are there any safety issues?

  • There are NO safety issues. Just like all the machines I sell.

Do you have forms that give a list of contraindications?

  • Yes - with the pro system, we have everything you need.

If someone uses your bed machine for 30 min, would that be non productive 10 extra minutes, or counter productive or even harmful in any way?

  • no, it isn't really more effective to treat with my machine longer. All the devices do one thing, they open the fat cells. Once the fat cells are open, you cannot make them more open with more time.
  • you can use the machines too long within 24 hours. The times you are talking about are approaching those times. A body can only handle so much release of stuff into the system.

Additional Questions:

If I opt in for the Pro package with the bed could I add another product like a face mask?

  • Face mask would come with pro package and bed - $42,500.

Are masks and glasses included?

  • yes, mask and glasses are included with pro system.

Does the face mask include red, blue, and green lights all together in one mask or is it one type of light per mask ?

  • The face mask includes red, green and blue lights all together.

How much do I charge for treatments?

  • You can charge what you want. I don't set prices for my buyers, only give suggestions.

What is the size and shipping date?

  • The size of the bed is roughly 4x4x8 feet.
  • Firm shipping date is the first Friday after you have paid and signed any necessary paperwork.

Do you have brochures?

  • Yes - with the pro system we have everything you need

Can I get a non-compete?

  • I do non competes for $500 a month, but do NOT recommend it. Ask me why.

What type of warranty does the bed come with?

  • The bed comes with a 1 year warranty or a 2 year warranty for $5k. extra

Watch the webinar now or call us to order your bed today

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Comparison table:

Rational Vevazz - LED Tubes Bed Vevazz - LED Bed
EXPERTISE Dr. Fettig has 7 years of experience with LED's.
Dr. Fettig also hired two experts, who combined have over 40 years of expertise in the light field, that have coauthored books, and have over 100 research papers between them.
Treatment time 15 min 7 min
IRRADIANCE 17mW/cm2 at the treatment area 25 mW/cm2 at the treatment area
YOU MUST "SET THE OVEN TEMPERATURE" CORRECTLY before deciding how long to use it. LED Tubes evenly distribute light across the whole light bed when they are specifically designed patent pending bulbs, Like Vevazz's. 5 clinical trials which have proven to improve athletic performance. More light, more evenly, but with less heat.
Quantity of light to the client must be adequate to compensate for reflection and scattering, yet allow for adequate depth of penetration 480 W of energy to FULLY SATURATE THE TREATMENT AREA AT THE CLIENT
Time required to deliver doses based on clinical evidence WALT Recommendations 4-16J/cm2 per minute depending upon pathology
1 J/ cm2 per minute allows for adequate dosing in just 12-20 minute treatment times
EQUIPMENT QUALITY LEDs Per Dr Fettig, their tubes must be replaced every 1000 hours (every 6 months at 40 hrs of use) $3,500 to 5,000 for complete set - (just red or IR also) 100,000 hr for the bed LED's. 48 years - 40 hrs a week of use. But realistically, in 5 years or so there will be newer better technology.
HEAT SYNC Heat # 1 enemy of LED life, however this bed doesn't Use LED's so will not fail. Uses Specially designed cooling system to duct all air over the aluminum heatsinks and out of the bed so the frame doesn't even get warm nor the acrylic or anything else. Keeping the patient cool.
CHASIS Steel Chassis designed specifically for Vevazz Beds. Steel Chassis designed specifically for Vevazz Beds.
Calculated on 40 hour per week use $23K cost
6 month life span (or $100,000 of collections) of tubes at $3500 is = $58,000 cost over 5 years.
$45K cost
35+ year life span
Will be newer, better, equipment in 5 years' time.
Turn Key Systems Complete Systems Complete systems
Money Back Guarantees 6 months or you make $60k or your money back
60 day money back guarantee if you don't think it works
LED Power 20 mw per CM^2 25 mw per CM^2
LED count 3840 3840

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