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Vevazz Story

In 1999, Dr. Jamie Fettig, DC, founder of Vevazz, started his journey opening his first wellness clinic in Chicago IL. He embarked on a quest to help people live healthier lives. In 2004 Dr. Jamie wrote and published two books. One on health, and one on weight loss. The Creators Manual for Your Body and The Ultimate Non-Diet.

Early in 2009, Dr. Fettig was first introduced to Light Theraphy. And shortly thereafter spent the next 18 months putting together the perfect system to help people create permanent weight loss using it in his Chiro Spa.

In 2010, Dr. Jamie started teaching others the Slim Line System, which incorporates many different things, the latest technologies, simple common sense, and individualized programs to help people lose an average of 7-23 inches every 42 days. That is 2-8 dress or pant sizes gone in just 6 weeks.

In 2011, Vevazz was added to the Slim Line System. Vevazz is the latest and greatest technology in helping fight the battle of the bulge. It is a light Theraphy device, that is more effective than traditional lipo laser machines – but yet safer at the same time.

In 2016 Vevazz launched into the market new devices, Vevazz Surface, Vevazz Bed and added Green and Infrared light treatments to their product portfolio.