FDA Approval | Vevazz

FDA Approval

Vevazz’s LED Light technology has been:

  • FDA Approved Technology since 2007
  • Health Canada Approved since 2005
  • European Union Approved since 1990
  • TGA does not require approval for this technology

FDA approval is required for all units that are used in a business setting. There are serious consequences to using any device that does not carry the required FDA approvals, including:
1. Fines and other penalties imposed by the FDA
2. Possible penalties from State Licensing Boards
3. Risk of lawsuits from clients and patients

FDA approvals obtained by Vevazz:
1. Class 1 Device: FDA registered for adjacent treatment of obesity
2. 510(k) Clearance: FDA Cleared for Pain and inflammation, some of the symptoms of Neuropathy
3. Body Contouring: FDA Cleared for 510k for immediate (1 visit) Body Contouring results

510k Summary for Body Contouring
Please check the link below: here