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Body Contouring

The Genesis Elite M7 is Vibra Pro's newest multi motion machine and is designed for people looking for a machine to help with weight loss, improved lymphatic drainage and increased core strength. This machine is the perfect choice to work with the Slim Line System.

Vibra Pro's newest dual motion whole body Vibration Machine is the Genesis Elite M7. The Elite M7 incorporates 3 motion styles that are highly effective for lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and improved balance. The M7 version has 28 built in programs and has specially designed programs for seniors. Two powerful motors drive the Elite M7, yet consume very little power and generate very little noise, due in part to Vibra Pro's new patented Quantum drive system and Vibra Pro's patented ‘X’ frame motors that use nearly 70% less energy than traditional motors. The only machine that incorporates a patented "Vibration Dampening System".

The new Genesis Elite M7 has a revolutionary new motion style that compliments the traditional dual motion design.

Body Contouring
The Dynamic Wave motionis a new high amplitude dual motion that combines traditional Oscillation motion with Cross lateral motion. With 33mm of movement the Genesis Elite M7 has three times the range of motion, compared to basic oscillation machines. Higher amplitude movements are far better for burning fat and are extremely helpful for balance concerns and dramatically increase the body’s lymphatic drainage system, eliminating waste toxins. The Cross Lateral motion is one of the best systems to build core strength.

Easy to use design with 28 built in motion programs. Widely adaptive handlebar design allows users of all sizes to benefit. Handle bars utilize closed cell foam which cannot absorb perspiration. New flexible column design with built in vibration dampeners remove non-harmonic vibrations. New patented mat is made from PVC and has no scent, is easy to clean and has built in cushioned raised areas that aid in dissipating the user’s weight more evenly.

These features and more make the VibraPro Elite M7 the best suitedwhole body vibration machine for use in conjunction with a weight loss or lymphatic drainage plan.

Slim Line System Options

1. Plus – Comprehensive Turn Key System designed to double your investment in 6 months.
2. Pro – Comprehensive Turn Key System including guarantees, additional support and equipment.
3. Platinum – State of the art Turn Key System including Neuropathy Treatment.

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