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Be sure to read this email all the way through before you decide anything. (I know it is long, but it is important)

Your License is on the line when you use non FDA cleared equipment.
Many LED contouring equipment companies are saying they "don't have to be FDA cleared."
They are wrong.

FDA has sent out multiple warning letters to non FDA cleared companies in the past, saying they must be cleared. Here is one example.

If they say they are cleared, ask for their 510k number - odds are, they probably don't and you caught them in a lie.

Here is the simple proof that you can prove to yourselves and not have to believe me or the others.

THE PROOF FOR YOURSELF: call your malpractice insurance and ask "Do you cover non fda cleared equipment?"
Call your state board, ask "can I legally use non fda cleared equipment?"
And if the answer is no (and it is) if someone files against you, then you have to pay to defend the claim.

How you get in trouble with boards, is someone files a complaint against you. The state board investigates the complaint, and it comes out the equipment is not FDA cleared and then BIG problems with the board. I know people who have gotten hefty fines and marks against their record from state boards from using non fda cleared equipment (this hasn't happened to all yet, but it will).
And I know, as I have also had people call me in a panic wanting to buy my equipment. And those companies ended up closing shop usually, when they realized the truth of what I am saying in this email.

I have also seen multiple companies produce equipment over the years, only to go out of business later.
So, when the company closes shop - and your non fda cleared machine breaks - you now have an expensive paperweight. And must buy another machine.

In CA - the board specifically states you have to use FDA cleared equipment for body contouring.

Each state is also different with what is legal and what is not.
They also have different rules and severely restrict chiros doing laser and body contouring.
I am Dr. Jamie Fettig DC, I have been doing weight loss and body contouring for 10 years. Longer than EVERYONE ELSE in the US currently doing body contouring.

That is how I know all this when no other competitor talks about it. They will sell to anyone and not care.

At the end - patients on Vevazz - 95% are happy
At the end of other machines - less percentage of patients are happy.
Isn't that what really matters?

And Vevazz gets better results anyway, as per our study (the others have no study).
And I have had multiple people use my machine and others - and all but one saw mine get better results with patients. When used to compare apples to apples.

Also, most others are 20-25 min treatment time.
You have to buy 2 machines and have 2 rooms- to treat the same number of patients that Vevazz can treat per hour.
i.e. to make the same amount of money as one of my machines - you need 2 competitor machines and 2 rooms.

Other companies say, "oh, people love to have the whole body treated," which they do, when it is free.
I teach my docs to upsell more body areas. Again, they make more money. And you can still treat 25% more surface area with Vevazz in 14 min - than 25 minutes of any other device if you want.

The others are not made in the USA and even if they are, they break more often, because the wires are internal to the pads, and the pads are constantly flexing stressing the wires internally.
And when they break, the whole area is down and cannot be used.
When mine breaks, one small area the size of your hand is down.
And I offer a no down time guarantee with my equipment.

Other companies claim they have the most power, but the numbers on my site and the numbers on their site, my numbers are higher!!

Vevazz also has the highest MW per CM Squared. 70
And the body only cares about two things.
  1. Joules of power (mw per cm squared x time)
  2. Frequency of light (red, blue, green, etc.)
Other companies with long treatment times say you cannot treat patients in 7 min (Vevazz treatment time)
I have 10 years of treatments, over 400 docs, the FDA, and my published study that show otherwise and prove you can treat in 7 minutes.
What they mean is their MW per cm squared is so low, THEY cannot treat in 7 min.

Do you have a 60 day money back guarantee if it doesn't work?
Do you have turnkey systems guaranteed to double my investment in 6 months or less or my money back?
How much is a 2nd machine - Vevazz is way less for 2nd machine purchase.
Do you teach how to do the consultations in detail that get 80% of patients to sign up?
Do you teach how to cross refer patients to chiro care - 5 different ways?
Do you teach how to stop patients from ever saying "I thought it would be a few treatments:" for chiro and weight loss?
Do you teach how too easily, gently, and in a way that works, to get patients to take responsibility for their health - and it takes 5 minutes?
Do you teach how to get patients to attribute all their improvements outside of weight loss - to you? Rather than some other random thing that isn't the cause they normally attribute it to?
Do they teach how to treat anything other than weight loss or have equipment for other stuff?
I teach and have equipment for neuropathy, anti-aging, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, skin tightening, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and more.

The list goes on of things I do, but they don't.
The old expression, you get what you pay for, is often true.

Don't buy something because the idea "sounds better" or based on your feelings.
Buy because it makes the most sense and is proven to be the best machine.
Not just claimed to be by a sales rep who has no recourse after you buy if he isn't telling the truth.

If you want to talk, no sales pitches, just the truth from me, let me know.
Happy to get on the phone with you, and have a civil discussion with questions and answers - but I offer this all the time, with all competitors and no one ever wants to get on the phone with me. Hmm, wonder why?

I am NOT saying this as a sales pitch, I am saying it as someone who has been around the LONGEST in the body contouring industry in the US and seen all sorts of companies and machines come and go over those 12 years.
I have no bad reviews about me on the internet.
I have had money back guarantees the entire time.
And I am still in business.
That is the proof that I do what I say and I say what I do. No BS.

I am producing my 5th generation machine, most of the competitors are on their first version. Some have a 2nd version. That is why mine is so much better in so much less time.

Call or email me today if you want the truth.

Jamie Fettig DC