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Light Technology, the future of medicine

Vevazz is a medical technology company focused on manufacturingin the USA and commercializing in several countries products utilizing its proprietary LED Light technology platform and accompanying services. The Company's first commercial product, Vevazz Contouring, is designed to open up the fat cells and release their fat contents, in this way the fat cells shrink naturally and the body's lymphatic system fires up and eliminates those unwanted fatty lipids and toxins. Is essential to note that this is a completely natural process, the patient loses fat in the same way as it would with diet and exercise, and therefore is safe and effective, with no down time for the patient. Importantly the fat cells remain alive, so if the patients regain weight in the future they do so proportionally, unlike the odd weight gain that would occur if the fat cells are killed in the problem areas, then all fat gain goes to joints, neck, or other unusual places. Moreover, thanks to the extra power in the device, treatment time is only 7 minutes, instead of 20-40 minutes from other devices, improving significantly the return for the physicians and more convenient for the patients as well. On average patients lose 7-23 inches every 42 days. That is 2-8 dress or pant sizes gone in just 6 weeks.

Now the company features several devices and the revolutionary Vevazz Bed, a self-service station that is ideal for lean Medical Practices, Spas and Gyms, and offers Red, Green and Infrared LED light treatments for fat loss, Cellulite, Wrinkles, Skin Tightening, Stretch Marks, Acne, Scars, Pain and Neuropathy.

Vevazz has received regulatory clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market Vevazz in the United States as Class 1 device for the adjunct treatment of obesity and as Class 2 device (510k) for some of the symptoms of neuropathy, pain and inflammation. Vevazz is in the process of obtaining clearance for body contouring and skin blemishes.