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Vevazz Bed

Just like a Tanning Bed - only with LED lights to Help People with Inch Loss and more

VevazzTM Bed - Revolutionary!No other device in the market offers such a short treatment time per surface area and no staff required! This self-service station is ideal for lean Practices, Fitness, Wellness and other Centers.

VevazzTM Bed is a LED light device designed to help people lose inches of fat and FDA Approved . Unlike most body contouring devices, VevazzTM Bed uses LED light instead of laser. LED light produces the same results as laser, only safer.

Laser light is coherent and penetrates deeper into the body, however this is not needed for body contouring because fat deposits are subcutaneous. LED light is non-coherent and has the right amount of strength to reach the fat cells and open them naturally, the same way that diet and exercise would.

VevazzTM Bed is safe, painless, and co is safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for fat loss, spot reduction and aesthetic body contouring. Other treatments are Cellulite Reduction, Scar Treatment, Wrinkle Reduction, Skin Tightening, Neuropathy, Pain and Inflammation. Vevazz's LED light works in only 20 minutes per session.

Groundbreaking! This device is self-service and includes wireless technology. Customers check-in with a swipe card and the information is sent wireless to your computer system, where you can track usage and grant access to the Bed or not depending on the customer's credit or payment plan.


Frequency: Red Light 660 NM, Green Light 535NM and Infrared 840NM.
Power: 50 MW per Diode.
Diodes: 1500 diodes
Session Time: 20 minutes


Treatment area: 36 in x 38 in
Bed: 7 ft by 3 ft

LED Light Options:

  • Red: best for weight loss, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.
  • Green: Best for cellulite.
  • Infrared: Best for stretch marks, scars, neuropathy, pain and inflammation.

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