Stretch marks occur in the dermis when the skin is stretched considerably over a short period of time, e.g. puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight gain. This rapid skin stretching causes the dermis to tear in places to relieve the pressure. As the dermis tissue start to repair itself it lacks the smooth regular appearance of normal skin, hence the raised appearance of stretch marks. Ultimately, Stretch Marks and Acne Scars are Scars and should be treated the same way.

Cellulite Reduction

Vevazz Infrared LED light heats the collagen under the skin's surface and activates the body's natural healing process that eliminates damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh new collagen and elastin reducing the appearance of Stretch Marks, Acne Scars and Scars.

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Vevazz is a non-invasive treatment that is pain free that doesn't require recovery time, plus is natural, safe, effective and FDA approved.

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