The most common cause of sagging skin is aging. As we age, our skin loses the collagen and elastin, our skin's supportive connective tissue, that make it look soft, plump and youthful. In addition, facial muscles can weaken with age, which takes a toll too.

Sun exposure is another reason for skin losing its elasticity. The sun's powerful rays damage skin cells which, over time, this can increase the effects of aging. Weight loss, especially the loss of large amounts of weight over a short period of time, can cause skin to sag. Moreover smoking can also contribute to sagging skin.

Vevazz LED Light based skin tightening is a nonsurgical treatment that uses a Red Light to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin's surface.

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Vevazz is a non-invasive treatment that is pain free that doesn't require recovery time, plus is natural, safe, effective and FDA approved.

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