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Watch a summary of what our customers have to say about Vevazz and Slim Line System

Chiropractor Kevin Carter:

"I learnt probably more in this seminar on marketing and how to market myself and probably than I did in the past 15 or 16 years"


"The seminar's been great, I learned a lot of useful information that I feel like I can really go back and implement it into my practice right away"

Chiropractor Dr Jean Dillman:

"Highlights of the program is that the information that you're giving is very specific and very practical."
"If you follow the system, it works"

Sandy Rocko:

"The numbers will rise, the clients will close, we will have long term relationships and grow our business and maybe open up another clinic. We have 3 right now."

Dr. Jamie:

"We all want to lose weight, including myself so I'd love to try it at home myself too."

Physician Larry Coulter:

"Incredible success, it's truly amazing and exciting because we've had people lose an average of quarter to a half pound per treatment, and one to 3 inches per treatment. Even had one young lady lose 6 inches in one treatment. So it's been incredibly successful."

Pablo Amadore:

"Well I will be starting to use the device, machine, trying to help to open up the fat cells and let the toxins go out so that people can achieve those realistic goals."

Chiropractor Bill Ferris:

"Now I'm psyched I know we're sitting on an incredible vertical technology and I absolutely believe we're going to get the results and we're going to go back home and market this and make a lot of money."

Chiropractor Chris Masoleuf:

"Well we've had good results, and we need to learn how to expand package prices and the seminar's been really good for that."
"It's high end, it gives you a lot of practical, useful information"

Dr Jamie:
"Good, now what was that story you were tellin me about that guy who lost a 115 pounds."

"He came to our office to do the laser light lipo and he's been doing exercise, and we did more things with him. And he got very good results, with his skin not being loose at all."
Dr Jamie:
"What would you tell others who were coming to see Dr. Jamie or get training in his system?"

Dr. Sabbagh:
"I’ve already made some phone calls. There will be some people calling. This is by far the far most organized systems I’ve ever been to of any seminars."
Dr Jamie:
"And you bought someone else’s machine instead of Dr. Jamie’s. What was your training and experience like with the other guys?"

"There’s no training. There’s no system. You have to figure it out yourself."

Travis Otter:

"We got the machine in mid-April. We ran it for six weeks and did $55,000 on $3,000 in ads, And we haven’t actually advertised it for the summer and we’re going to start again next week."


"To anyone who’s thinking about purchasing the device, I was there four or five months ago, and from where I’m standing right now, I’m so glad I did because I have a bright future ahead of me."

Carla Tanella:

"I’ve been very impressed."


"It’s the best thing ever. I use it. Everyone in the office uses it. We love it. It’s been great for our chiropractic care, because it’s making everyone healthier, and so everyone’s happy."

Dr Jamie:

"I’ve been to 14 years of chiropractic trainings and seminars, and Dr. Jamie’s seminar was one of the best seminars I’ve ever been to."


"I’ve been to hundreds of medical conference in my lifetime in 33 years of practicing medicine. This is the first time that I’ve really learned anything practical, usable, that I can go home and do tomorrow that deals with marketing."

Dr. Rob:

"I’ve been really making lots of money and enjoyed helping people."

Nathan Witkop:

"I learned absolutely incredible marketing."


"Jump into it."

Dr. Landry:

"Made $20,000 in five days."


"Looked at the competitors and realized I was getting nothing and realized how much I was getting with Dr. Jamie and I’m all about it. It’s a no-brainer."


"Income goes up 40, 50, 60 thousand dollars per month."


"So far I have 13 consults scheduled next weekend and the Vevazz device is still in the box."

Dr. Chandler:

"He made me look good and he made me some money."


"Dr. Jamie Fettig is a man of his word."
"Our bank account tripled within a few months"
"It was one of the smartest investments we’ve made in our healthcare business."


"The first three weeks we brought in over $100,000 in sales"
"Dr. Fettig has just been tremendous in every aspect, from putting up a website to all the marketing, all the support, training. Anything we could possibly need."


"Patients are very excited. They refer other people in."
"We’re going to add 2 or 3 more lasers."


"I’m just opening up my own practice."
"I think it’s going to work great in my practice and bring in lots of money."

Dr Jamie:

"What would you say the value of this seminar was actually worth?"


"I know this sounds crazy, but it’s priceless"


"As far as the Vevazz vision, the patients are loving it."
"I made my money back a lot and then some. So, I’m very pleased. If I had to do it again I’d follow the same journey."

Dr. Raj:

"The first client I converted, he paid me $4,500 before I even had the system."
"My patients are happy,"
"They’re getting results."
"So, I would highly recommend Dr. Jamie."


"It’s going great. We love it. Everybody loves it."


"Our conversion rates have really been converted well over 70% to sign up for an average of $1,800 care plan."

Dr Gregory:

"This one works."
"Don’t wait. Just buy it."


"I really think the system, is the thing that’s really going to help drive success for you."


"I’ve had it two months, I’ve made about 40 grand and everybody’s getting good results. Everything that Jamie said has come through."


"We did a preselling system where we sold it prior to getting the system."


"I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to learn. This is also helping my neuropathy skills."


"I think the information is invaluable."


"Most benefit from the Slim Line system was all the marketing materials."


"We’ve made actually a lot of money on the on the laser, but we’ve also made a lot of money on transferring weight loss patients over to chiropractic care."


"It’s a great way of bringing in new patients. It’s also a way of getting instant results."


"If you want a system, a protocol, a step-by-step situation on how to improve a business or how to set-up and launch a business, this is the place to come."

Dr. Scott:

"Dr. Jamie is a man of his word. He follows through with what he says."


"I’ve probably learned more about business and marketing here in these past three days then I did with nine years of college."

Dr. Patrick:

"I’ve referred so many doctors to him, because everyone reports back to me how he takes care of them."


"It’s been valuable because I’ve gotten numerous referrals."

Dr. Kevin:

"It’s been a wonderful adjunct to my practice for weight loss, which I’ve already been doing for a couple of years."

Dr. Jonathan:

"I plan on, or hope to generate of $550,000 a year with this."

Dr. Draper:

"This is the real deal. This is fun."

Pauline Alweis:


Leslie Caulk:


Mark Weiss:


Dale Richard:


Josh Hubor: