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Vevazz Story

1999: Embarking on a quest to help people live healthier lives, Dr. Fettig starts his career in private practice in Bismarck, North Dakota, right out of chiropractic college. He builds a successful body-contouring business in the city of 60,000 by implementing a marketing program he now offers as part of the Slim Line System.

2004: Dr. Fettig writes and publishes two books: "The Creator's Manual for Your Body" on health and "The Ultimate Non-Diet" on weight loss.

2005: Dr. Fettig begins teaching seminars to fellow chiropractors and natural health care providers.

2009: Dr. Fettig is introduced to light therapy and spends the next 18 months creating the Slim Line System to help people achieve permanent weight loss, using it in his Chiro Spa.

2010: Dr. Fettig establishes Vevazz, with headquarters in Eaton, Colorado, originally licensing the Slim Line System and shortly thereafter beginning production of Vevazz devices with light therapy technology. He starts teaching others the Slim Line System.

2011: The first Vevazz light therapy device is added to the Slim Line System.

2016: The company launches Vevazz Surface and Vevazz Bed, adding green and infrared light treatments to its product portfolio.