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Will You Regret one of These
Costly Mistakes After Investing in
a Laser Lipo for Your Practice?
Did you know the right selection of machine could allow you to make twice as much money, with 2/3 less time required from your staff... whereas the wrong machine could just end up gathering dust? If you're not confident of the right choice for your practice, this 60 minute webinar could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you...

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WARNING: If you've already invested in a Laser Lipo, don't watch this or you could end up kicking yourself. Not all Laser Lipo's are created equal – and making a buying mistake can cost you tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. If you're thinking about purchasing a machine, this event shows you exactly which questions to ask to avoid the traps.

These 12 New Discoveries Could Help You Avoid Buying
a Lemon - and Make Up to Seven Times as Much From Your
Laser Lipo Machine Over the Next 3 Years
  • A cost comparison of the various Laser Lipo devices available(including the i-Lipo, Advanced P, Vevazz, Verju, Lipo Light, and even the cheaper Non-FDA alternatives. Plus, a comparison of the guarantees, so you can see where your best odds are of getting a solid ROI quickly, and reversing your risk)
  • A comparison of the treatment times between machines(so you can pick the best option for your needs - depending on the way your practice operates. The right selection here could allow you to make twice as much money in less time)
  • The income potential of each device (believe it or not, the highest is 3x that of some others. Pay close attention here)
  • Downtime can crush your business if you have clients booked in and a part fails. (find out the different downtime scenarios - and real costs - depending on the machine you select)
  • The exact 27-point criteria you should consider when choosing a Laser Lipo (please don't skip over this - you'll be making a mistake which could cost you thousands)
  • The type of machines which not only address weight loss - but acne, cellulite, skin tightening and even stretch marks (opening up other massive markets for you, to make a lot of money by solving your clients problems)
  • The absolute worst type of machine you can buy (makes your clients grow back fat in unnatural places)
  • Exactly how many hours you and your team will need to invest into operating the machine each year, depending on the machine you opt for (pay close attention to this, because it can triple, between one machine and another)
  • A real example of the results patients received from one type of machine in a 311 person double blind study - when they did NOT change their diet and exercise habits (plus, the eye opening results of the rapid dress and pant size drops - up to 23 inches in 6 weeks - when they incorporated lifestyle changes)
  • The almost forgotten condition clients are already spending $11 billion a year trying to treat without success (27% of people with diabetes have it and it affects 15-20 million Americans. Choose this machine and you'll have the almost magical elixir to fix their condition - and can get rewarded handsomely for it)
  • The question you must ask if you're considering a "light" machine (hint: this is what produces the results, yet many suppliers gloss over it)
  • The secret of quickly getting a return on investment from your machine and turning it into cash - ignoring this could leave you with an expensive machine gathering dust and taking up space.
Meet Your Presenter - Jamie Fettig

Jamie Fettig has been a certified chiropractor for over 20 years. Within the first two years, he stumbled across Laser Lipo technology, and discovered it was one of the best ways of helping his patients - because they were motivated to follow his guidelines - and make money at the same time. He has assisted over AMOUNT health practitioners find a Laser Lipo, and been involved in the industry longer than anyone else in the US.

Jamie noticed many chiropractors were confused about which Laser Lipo to invest in, and what their options are. The aim of this live event is to clarify this! "The job was too important to leave to someone else" Mr. Fettig says, "I couldn't rest until I did it myself."
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Watch a summary of what our customers have to say about Vevazz and Slim Line System

Travis Otter:

"We got the machine in mid-April. We ran it for six weeks and did $55,000 on $3,000 in ads, And we haven't actually advertised it for the summer and we're going to start again next week."


"Income goes up 40, 50, 60 thousand dollars per month."

Physician Larry Cutour:

"Incredible success, it's truly amazing and exciting because we've had people lose an average of quarter to a half pound per treatment, and one to 3 inches per treatment. Even had one young lady lose 6 inches in one treatment. So it's been incredibly successful."


"It's the best thing ever. I use it. Everyone in the office uses it. We love it. It's been great for our chiropractic care, because it's making everyone healthier, and so everyone's happy."

NOTE: I hate SPAM and will not share your email address or information with any unauthorized third party, ever.