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Financing Options

Discounts for paying in full –in house financing available -no credit check or financials needed for doctors currently in practice. No financing fees and zero interest if paid off within 6 months.
All packages come with 1 year warranty.
No financing or discounts apply for home units

Option A

$2000.00 down - and get your patients to pay for the device.

With this option does not include the device but you get flyers, brochures, website, poster, emails, letters, scripts and training to pre-sell patients and past patients on signing up for sessions and prepaying before you even have the machine. We have sold hundreds of this options.
This is non-refundable but applies towards all future purchase from Vevazz.

Option B

In house Financing - No Credit Checks, No Financials, No Tax returns needed, just call for details and specifics

Starting at $6,000 down and up - and monthly payments of $300 and up, contact us for payment details.
Payments are 6 months interest free with NO Pre-payment penalty (pre-payment is, in fact, ENCOURAGED).
Finance for up to 24 months at 12% interest rate
No credit check for doctors currently in practice.

Option C

Prepay in full for a 10% discount.

Option D

Lease with a profit share model. Slim Line application and approval needed.

Option E

Finance with an outside finance company for up to 3 years with no money down - WAC - 650 credit score and 2 years in practice for practitioners currently in practice.

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Are You a Physician Thinking about buying a Vevazz? Because we have the best products we offer money back guarantee and in-house financing with no credit check required.

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