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Vevazz is currently associated with a few key partners:

1. Vibra Pro - helps with weight loss, improved lymphatic drainage and increased core strength. This machine is the perfect choice to work with the Slim Line System.

2. Vevazz Vision - Neuro Change Technology that helps patients change their mindset, so that their results are more permanent and happen faster.

3. Your Business Buddy - turnkey system for business owners to help hire, fire, and manage employees.

Throughout the years other companies have been recommending Vevazz to their clients:

  • PBS - Patient Business Solutions - Dr. Brent Detelich
  • Practice wealth - Dr. Erich Bretenmosier
  • CBA - Chiro Business Academy - Dr. Erich Huntington
  • SMT - Dr. Patrick Porter
  • Alt Health Services - Joe Giampa
  • Patient Payment Solutions - Douglas Luther
  • Innovative compounding
  • products
  • Solutions 4 – Dr. Singleton and Nancy Singleton

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